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Chakras are energy centres in the subtle body that distribute the flow of energy throughout your body, they work as channels for the body's physical energy.

Chakras influence your overall well-being, health and energy levels, the health of organs and glands in areas associated with chakras will also affect the energy in the chakras.

Chakra balancing and cord clearing session

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Below you will find some common symptoms if your chakras are out of balance. Chakras, and the organs and glands associated with them can be under-active or over-active.


You: Feeling ungrounded, not open to new ideas or possibilities;
Your horse:

Third eye

Your horse:


You: Unable to speak you mind, speak you truth, possible issues with throat area e.g. thyroid​
Your horse: Introverted, not able to express themselves, or overly expressive, whinnying a lot; also possible issues with throat are e.g. thyroid


You: Unable to connect with others, feeling numb, giving too much to others and not taking care of yourself, unable to implement appropriate boundaries, physical issues such as heart problems and weakened immune system
Your horse: Fearful of life, keeping you emotionally at a distance, physical issues such as heart problems and weakened immune system

Solar plexus

Your horse:


Your horse:


Your horse:

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Energy cords are invisible energetic strands that can form between two people or a person and an animal.  Beneficial energy cord will be a two way flow of loving beneficial energy.  Non-beneficial cords can also form and these are cords that are potentially detrimental to one or both parties.

If you have ever spent time with a person and found that afterwards your energy feels drained and you feel tired, but they seem more energised, it is likely a cord has created where they have absorbed some of your energy and in placement of that shared some of their non-beneficial energy.  We can have cords with family, friends, animals, including our horses.

Cords can form at chakras, or specific organs, glands or body parts.  If we or our horses are corded to many people or animals, it is difficult to know where we end and the other begins, and it also mean when it comes to ailments or health conditions, if we can't seem to figure out the issues, it may be that an energy cords to another person or animal may be contributing to it or preventing it from healing.

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