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with horses

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The Path to Sovereignty - Energy Healing for You and Your Horse


I'm currently writing a book to share with like minded souls to teach you what I do.  You are your own healer.

When I became the guardian of my first horse I remember trying to learn as much as I could before she arrived.  I remember thinking, my goodness there seem to be so many different types of issues and illnesses going on with horses.  I also found this in my business, so many people having health issues, and merely just existing and getting by in life, moving from one issue to the next, a stressful situation here, a trauma there. 


This also became very apparent in my life, with my horses reflecting back to me how my energy was feeling to them.  We went through a very intense journey diving into these issues in order to become healthy, whole, and the sovereign beings that we were meant to be.  Our True Authentic Selves.

A healthy, connected relationship with your horse starts with a healthy, connected relationship with yourself.

In this book I want to teach you about energy, about dowsing and how to access answers from the universe, and use energy healing techniques to empower you and your horse .

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