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About me

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I have been interested in holistic healing modalities for many years.  Having suffered back pain as a teenager which continued into my adult life, getting worse and worse with each year, I was not going to accept the diagnosis from the NHS that they did not know the cause and I would need a pain management plan for the rest of my life.  Being in my early thirties this was not OK with me! 


I began exploring many alternative methods (too many to list!), each giving me some reprieve but never really ‘hitting the nail on the head’.  I would still get flare ups from time to time, now moving to my right hip which was very painful.  I became Reiki attuned, and then discovered Cranio-Sacral Therapy which I had great results with.  I was so impressed with the modality I began to train as a practitioner, however I was still having pain now and then.  Due to a cross country move and pressures at work, I took a gap year from my training and THEN I came across the Emotion Code.  I studied the book and felt everything explained really resonated and made sense.  I worked on myself and one day, just like that, my hip pain was gone. I had released some trapped emotions and, ta-da, I was pain-free for the first time in a long time!  I therefore knew I had to begin training as an Emotion Code Practitioner to help people and animals all over the world!


Prior to this work I have had many interesting jobs… Sales and Software Support Manager, Volunteer Manager at an Animal Rescue Centre, Project Manager in local government, as well as a Safari Field Guide in South Africa managing a Lion Research Project! 

My passion, however, has always been to help people and animals, especially horses, and I am looking forward to fulfilling this as an Emotion Code, Body Code and Easy Entity Release Practitioner. I look forward to connecting with you.  

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