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Booking a Geopathic Stress & Home/Land Clearing

All clearings are conducted via distance, therefore you can be anywhere in the world and receive beneftis from this session.  During your session I run through a comprehensive list of energy related issues that could be affecting your home/land/property.  You will receive a report indicating what items were present and how non-beneficial these energies potentially could be to those that may be living in or visiting the property.  If any additional information comes up during the session this will also be noted for you.  The clearing also includes a general energy clearing for all those who live on the property, including people and animals.


Charges are £155 per property and you will be invoiced upon completion of your clearing.

If you would like to go ahead:

  • Please fill out the form by clicking on the link

  • Once your form has been received you will be contacted to arrange a date for your session; this will usually be 3-4 days from initial enquiry depending on availability.

  • There will be no need to do anything different or special on the day of the clearing; you can go about your business as usual

FAQs GeoStress
  • How do you conduct an Energy Healing session?
    ​During a session I connect with your subconscious mind, this acts like a computer storing everything that has ever happened to you – even if you can’t remember it, it’s stored there somewhere. I use muscle testing to test for trapped non-beneficial energies related to whatever issue you or your animal may be having. This is where the body is able to energetically indicate answers to true/false statements by tapping into the subconscious mind. Once I have identified them, I may need to ask more information such as how old were you when this energy became trapped; often that is enough but sometimes a little more digging is required – you can imagine this like your subconscious mind rummaging through its filing cabinets until the right file is found! Once we have located it, I use a magnet to release it – this is a bit like using a magnet to wipe the strip of a credit card, all the information is removed – the energy from the magnet and my intention will release the trapped emotion for you.
  • How is it possible to conduct a session via distance?
    You could also ask how is it possible for me to see an image of someone and talk to them on the other side of the world? Or how does a light bulb produce light? We don't necessarily have to understand how these things are possible to utlilise their offerings. It’s all to do with energy, everything is made up of energy, we are all vibrating beings, even a solid object, such as a coffee table, has atoms within in that are vibrating. As energy is all around us, in some visible forms, and some not so visible, everything is connected through the Quantum Field. This can be felt when, for example, terrible things are happening on the other side of the world such as a disaster, on a subconscious level we can feel that anguish. And also vice versa for happy events that happen and bring feelings of joy to the world. Examples of where you may have experienced this connectedness are times when you may be thinking of someone and not long after you receive a phone call or message from them - well they were dialling you up on the energetic waves! Also sometimes we may have experienced thinking of a song and turning the radio on to hear that exact song. We all have the capability to connect to the energies of the universe, although some are more sensitive than others. Some scientific examples where this 'connected-ness' has been observed are, for example, the late 1930s experiment of the splitting of the atom. Scientists split an atom and sent two particles (or energies) in two different directions at the speed of light. After travelling a certain distance one of the particles was passed through a powerful magnetic field which changed it's direction. At the same time the sister particle would change direction too, at the same angle. The particles were communicating even though they were some distance apart! This phenomenon is known as Quantum Entanglement and no-one knows for certain how this works. Another experiment showed a similar phenomenon in human cells. White blood cells were taken from a subject and placed in a petri-dish. White blood cells are responsible for seeking out and destroying invaders in the body such as bacteria and toxins. The subject's electrical activity of his body was measured, as well as the electrical activity of his white blood cells which were equal. One of the subjects was shown footage of Japanese Kamikaze pilots during WW2 which had attacked aircraft carriers, of which he served on in the Navy. It was a terrifying ordeal at the time, and years later his body remembered this event and he felt acute anxiety whilst watching the images. This anxiety showed as readings on the electrical activity of body, which was expected by the researchers. However, what they did not expect was the exact same reading to be recorded on the petri-dish of white blood cells. On switching off the footage his electrical activity returned to normal in his body and in the petri dish. This test was repeated again and again as the scientists were so shocked at what they saw. They began increasing the distance between the man and the petri dish, ending up taking it to a lab several miles away, and the same observations were made. One of the most common phenomenons of connected-ness can be seen between a mother and their children - known as Mother's Intuition. They have been connected to their child whilst it was growing in their womb, and this connection continues energetically after birth, and as we all know, mothers seem to aways know what's going on!
  • What do I need to do before a session?
    There is nothing specific you would need to do prior to a session, however it is beneficial to be well rested and hydrated, without anything too stressful going on that day or the next. Also avoiding any other complementary therapy on the day of your session, and the following processing days (the days it will take for you body to shift the energies released).
  • How many sessions will I need for my issue?
    As everyone is unique it is difficult to say how many sessions you may need to help with your issue. Most people will find some relief or change after their first session but may need 2 – 3 sessions to get to the root of the issue. If it's been a condition you have been suffering with for many years it is possible you many need a number of sessions to see results, particularly as the body begins storing things energetically before any physical issues manifest, so you may have had the issue quite some time before it became apparent to you.
  • Is there anything I should do after a session?
    After a session the body needs a few days to process the release. This is a healing time, when you may feel some side-effects of processing the emotions that were just released (see next question). Drinking lots of water during this time will be very beneficial (think of this like an energetic detox), as well as a gentle form of exercise to help the energy circulate through your system (such as stretching or a short walk).
  • Are there any after affects?
    As with any treatment you may have, it’s possible to have what are called processing symptoms – the body needs to process the energies that are being released from it's energy field. Most of the time, processing is pretty mild and isn’t really noticed. You will usually feel lighter and less burdened. Other times you may feel some negative symptoms from processing, these may include: - some echoes of the emotions that were released - feeling tired - out of sorts emotionally (possibly feeling teary or crying) - feeling temporarily nauseous - worsening of any physical symptoms may occur after a session before they start getting better - memories of events that may have caused the trapped emotion, or recalling in dreams The effects typically only last for a day or two and they are usually very mild. If you have any concerns after your session, please get in touch.
  • Can Energy Healing help children?
    Yes, it's possible that the Energy healing can help with a child's issue. Children are more aware of energies around them than adults are, and everything is energy. As they grow up children take on the beliefs and limitations of everyone else, and slowly begin to become less aware of their innate ability to sense and feel energies. It's possible to begin trapping non-beneficial energies from the point of conception and whilst in the mother's womb. Birth, although talked about as a wonderful experience, can actually be quite traumatic. Imagine being in a lovely, cosy, warm environment with all your needs cared for and having to leave it all behind to be born in to a cold, scary world. And what if the birth is a difficult one, a long labour or other issues? Last but not least, it’s important to recognise our children’s trapped emotions that they may collect during school, family events, or any other occasion in their lives. These trapped energies can have an effect on their behaviour and possibly lead to learning difficulties and relationship issues with adults. Imagine how different your life may have been if you released your trapped emotions when you were younger? It's also important to note that parents are energetically connected to their children and therefore working on yourself will also benefit your child.
  • Can the Energy Healing sessions help animals?
    Yes! Animals are very sensitive and hence they can be extremely affected by their experiences in life. In the same way that this negative emotional energy can become trapped in the human body, they can also become trapped in an animal’s body, thus creating imbalances which may lead to behavioural issues, pain or dis-ease. Animals can respond very rapidly to energy healing because they have fewer subconscious limiting beliefs, their conscious minds don't get in the way as much as they do in people, and they are naturally more instinctive with self-healing. It's also important to note that animals may be 'energetically assisting' us with issues and taking on our energy - therefore working on ourselves will also benefit them.
  • Do animals have any after affects?
    Animals are generally much better at processing energy healing sessions than humans; however it is possible that they may exhibit processing symptoms such as sleeping alot or excessive yawning. If a specific behavioural problem is being worked on, it may get slightly worse around 24hrs after a session as the energies around that behaviour are coming to the surface and being released. As a pet owner you will be aware as to whether a behaviour is normal or not for your pet. Please note if you are ever concernced about your pet's health please do not delay in contacting your veterinarian.
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