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Wellbeing Weeks - for you and your horse...

** Five days of quantum energy healing for mind body and soul **

Join us for a powerful week of distance energy healing over five consecutive days. 

The week's healing benefits can also be coupled with your horse(s), other pets and family members

Each week has a different theme and you are able to bring three of your own personal intentions that you would like to manifest.



Intro Price

It's possible to couple the group healing benefits and/or your intentions with others such as a family member or pet.


If a person, it is thought that coupling the benefits is around 20% effective, especially if they have not been informed about the potential healing taking place, or haven’t consented and might not choose the clearing if they were asked.


If your own child under 15 the effectiveness goes up to around 80%, as long as their “negative” behaviour or an illness is not karmic, or they did not create a pre-incarnation contract for their life to be a certain way


For pets it is possible the healing can be coupled for up to 100% benefit if it is for their highest good.


You may choose to write when posting your intentions something like: "I ask to couple this weeks healings and my intentions with my mum and my horse if it’s for their highest good"

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** Five days of quantum energy healing for mind body and soul **

Click below to purchase this weeks Wellbeing Week [cut off for each week is 12am UK time Friday before]

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