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Geopathic Stress & non-beneficial energies in your Home

Some questions you can ask which may indicate Geopathic Stress issues:

  • Did you become ill/unwell/start having emotional difficulties after moving to this address or starting this job?

  • Did the previous owners suffer from any long term or serious illnesses?

  • Have there been a lot of family issues/arguments since living in this house?

  • Do you feel better away from home or your place of work?

  • On the other end of the spectrum do you find it difficult to leave the house? Feel anxious away from home or even agoraphobic?

  • Have you been trying to heal from your condition for along time, tried many different therapies etc but nothing seems to work?

  • Have you developed a condition or issue since spending more time at home due to 'lockdowns'?

  • Have you struggled with weight loss? Perhaps you feel like you have tried everything but nothing has worked?

  • Does your workplace feel like a ‘toxic’ environment?

  • If you run a business do you have difficulty with your workforce or find you don't see to have a lot of footfall?

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Clearing non-beneficial energies from your home helps you


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