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Heart to Horse Connection



My name is Kate Saunders and my passion is helping horses and their owners create a more trusting and aligned relationship. 

Are you a horse owner?  Have you been considering how to create a better relationship with your horse?   Read on to see if any of the scenarios sound familiar to you...

"My horse hates me! It feels like a constant battle..."

You and your horse just aren't getting along - perhaps you are new to each other, or perhaps this has been going on for sometime.  You may feel like your horse just tolerates you, or perhaps feel that your horse doesn't even like you! It's upsetting and frustrating for you.


"He's so aloof - his personality has come out a little but there seems to be a wall that we may never get's been 2 years!"

Do you feel like there could be some sort of wall between you and your horse?  Your communication seems to be off and something just doesn't feel quite right.  Your horse seems to prefer to stay with its herd mates, or perhaps it also struggles with relationships with other horses as well.

Rider Fall_edited.jpg

"I've lost my confidence in her since the accident..."

You've lost your confidence and trust in your horse - maybe you had a traumatic fall or accident together - both of you may be suffering from anxiety; you could be suffering from crippling nerves and possibly residual pain from the trauma.  Getting 'back in the saddle' is proving more difficult than expected and it's hard for you to admit. Will riding ever be the same again?

"Sometimes I feel like giving up...I've tried everything!"

You've worked with trainers, behaviourists, checked with the vet, taken online courses, countless books, internet searches and forum chats.  It feels like you have tried everything, some things may have helped to a degree, but still you haven't progressed as far as you would have liked with your horse. You may be feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, perhaps even feelings of self doubt have surfaced and made you question your abilities.

"I would love to have the trust to go bareback and tackless..."

You see photos and post on social media of magical trusting relationships of tackless riding, and would love to have the courage to try, but there are some hurdles that you just can't seem to get past in order to make the dream a reality... 


"I just don't have the time..."

You've been told in order to get to where you want to be you will need to spend a certain amount of hours per week or month to get to where you want to be.  There just doesn't seem to be enough time to fit it in, you think you just can't do it and will never be able to achieve your goals - you could be feeling hopeless and resigned to the fact you may never achieve them.

"We still haven't gelled yet, I'm not sure if we ever will in the same way..."

Perhaps you have lost a special horse recently and the grief is making it difficult to bond with other horses, or perhaps you've never quite got over the loss of your first horse and relationships with other horses just haven't felt the same; you wish you could have a similar connection but feel it's not possible.

If one or more of the above resonates with you, and you have been searching for something to help your connection with your horse, then the Heart to Horse Connection Programme could be for you

Over the last five years of my own personal development journey, study of energy and healing techniques, experience with horses, including my own two rescue horses, and working with many clients and their horses, I have developed the Heart to Horse Connection Programme to help you and your horse develop a more trusting and aligned relationship.



Eloa, Sarafina and I at home in Cornwall, UK


Let's chat about you

and your horse! 


45 min Discovery Video Call

This purpose of this session is to discuss what is currently going on for you and your horse and if you are a good fit for the Heart to Horse Connection Programme.


This programme is for you if:

 Your relationship with your horse is important to you and you would like to create a stronger connection.


You want to create a deeper partnership with your horse, whereby you can be more trusting of each other and fulfil your equestrian goals. 

You are happy to invest in yourself as well as your horse, knowing that a mutually respectful relationship involves two parties.

You are open to learning about new concepts and techniques that you may not have considered before

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Barefoot Hoof Print.jpg
Barefoot Hoof Print.jpg
Barefoot Hoof Print.jpg


Alisha and Roxy, UK

“My relationship with Roxy is in a very different place...

..Our sessions with Kate seem to really have put my sweet girl at ease, and accelerated our pace of getting to know each other and build a strong relationship....


I can't thank Kate enough for how her 'energetic assistance' has helped us get to this place, where I leave every visit to the yard full of joy and feeling like my dreams of horse ownership have finally come true...."

Testimonials - Alisha & Roxy UK

Lil and Musling - Denmark

“Trapped negative energies connected to trailer loading issues with my mare troubled us for a long time. 


After ONE (!!) session loading is no longer an issue anymore.  It is quite like magic, not every issue is solved that quickly – yet ours was!  Thank you Kate!..."

Kathy and Riot, USA 

"Kate helped me with severe anxiety after a traumatic accident I had with my horse. After just a few sessions I noticed a huge difference, like a heavy weight had been lifted off me and the constant worry I had was gone.


I can enjoy being around my horses again without all the worry and anxiety."

Tanya & Always.jpg

Tanya and Always, South Africa 

"Wow! Thank you so much for helping me reconnect fully with Always! There has been an incredible shift in our relationship, we are so much more in tune with each other!


It has been incredible to discover and release the blocks in the way for both of us  and it has been so empowering to understand fully how my energy affects him."

Zaira, Alfie and Lazar - Germany

“I have two horses, Lazar 21 years old and Alfi 11 years old.

Lazar had big problems with his left front leg, he wasn't able to walk properly because of a tendon-issues...


...After the third session of emotion-release he got even more motivated to work with me, our relationship changed..."

Yette & Dux.png

Jette and Dux, Denmark

"My horse and I have had a really good experience of energy healing with Kate. My horse was very nervous, both on rides and by the water. After 3 treatments there is progress, he is more confident by water and goes in without delay and has become more calm on rides.

I myself feel more relaxed & happy after receiving several treatments.  The whole experience with Kate has been really great - it is highly recommended.”

Kim and Romeo, UK

"Kate has helped me through many issues, including physical conditions and Emotional trauma. The work on my heart wall has enabled me to feel more deeply connected to my partner and children which is priceless.


Kate has also worked on my horse Romeo, he is extremely sensitive and nervous. Releasing trapped emotions from both of us has deepened our trust in each other. I would highly recommend the services of Be at One Healing to anyone who is looking to solve issues that conventional ways just don’t seem to hit the spot."


Michele, UK

"I had some deep seated issues that had been affecting my life for well over 20 years related to riding. I worked with Kate and after a few sessions started to feel something in me shift emotionally. I feel very different to before Kate worked with me and so I can only explain this change as a direct benefit of her work.


I cannot thank Kate enough as the change has benefited me and my horses and is everything I needed but didn’t know I needed. I highly recommend Kate especially for issues that keep you trapped in repetitive cycles that just don’t seem to change or make sense no matter what you do. Kate has transformed my life in ways I could never imagine. Thank you."



Let's chat about you

and your horse! 


45 min Discovery Video Call

This purpose of this session is to discuss what is currently going on for you and your horse and if you are a good fit for the Heart to Horse Connection Programme.


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