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with horses

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Ready to arrange a session?

  • If you would like to enquire about arranging a distance energy healing session for your horse, please fill out the form below outlining any issues and any treatment/diagnoses you have received from a vet or other healthcare practitioner. If you would prefer a short telephone consult, please scroll to bottom of page to book

  • Individual sessions are £75; In depth sessions for you and your horse are £140 - upon completion of your session you will be sent notes and an audio of what has been worked on/cleared, as well as your invoice which you can pay via online payment

  • Depending on the issue an individual session may focus 100% on the horse or 100% on owner, or a combination e.g. 80% horse, 20% owner. 

  • Once your information has been received a date will be arranged for your session usually 3-4 days from enquiry depending on availability. You will also be asked to send a recent photo of your horse with a clear view of their face

  • You do not need to be with your horse during the session or do anything differently.  It is however advised not to have the session on a particularly busy day e.g. a competition/show, long ride or travel; or on the day of another veterinary/holistic/complementary healing modality e.g. chiropractor, massage

Form for Horse Session
If you are ready please fill out form to arrange an energy healing session for your horse - scroll down if you would like to arrange a telephone consult

Thank you for your enquiry - you will be contacted shortly to arrange a date for your session

Boo Consult Horse
Are you 

to let go
of energetic imbalances 

Arrange a complimentary telephone consult if you have further questions 

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