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Signs of mold in the home

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Mold is a type of fungal organism (of which there are several types) whose purpose it is to break down dead organic matter and return nutrients to the environment.  Mold is not something we should fear as it is part of nature, however we need to be vigilant of it and prevent it from invading our homes and indoor environments as it can be toxic to us.  

One of the best defenses against mold is to have a strong immune system. It is possible for mold to find it's way into our physical body and if our immune system cannot fight it off, it can take hold and grow almost anywhere in the body.  Mold can enter our body through breathing, skin contact, food, drug medications e.g. antibiotics, vaccines, tobacco, marijuana. 


It can be difficult to diagnose through regular testing, and is not a common 'go to' diagnosis in the medical profession, although I believe it is likely to be the cause of many ailments.

Some common physical symptoms of mold issues

My story

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