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What is a Heart Wall?

Your heart is the core of your being and is the most powerful organ in your body, generating 60 – 1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than your brain.  You may have heard the phrase ‘putting up a wall’ to protect yourself.  Well, that’s exactly what the subconscious mind wants to do in order to protect your heart from more pain when you are going through a difficult or traumatic time. It will build a wall of trapped emotions around your heart in order to shield it from other hurts or pain.


During your lifetime you may have experienced one, or several, difficult or traumatic events which placed a shield or wall around your heart.  Dr Nelson, the pioneer of the Emotion & Body Code, likens this to a bomb shelter during the war.  Whilst the war is going on, living in the bomb shelter is for your best interest and keeps you safe; this is what the heart wall does, preventing you from getting hurt further during that difficult time.  However, once the war is over, it’s not much fun living the rest of your life in the bomb shelter ‘just in case’ there is another war.  


What are the signs I may have a Heart Wall?


Through Dr Nelson’s year of practice, he estimated around 93% of people have a heart wall. Those who generally don’t are small children who have not yet had to deal with the trials of life.

Physical symptoms of a Heart Wall may manifest as the following:

  • Pain in the neck, back and upper shoulders

  • Difficulty feeling emotions and connecting to others

  • Finding it difficult to give and receive love

  • A disconnected, lonely life

  • Blocking of heart energy to the body, making it more difficult for the body to heal

What will releasing it do?

When the heart wall is released from the body the effects may be felt immediately or may develop over time.  What you may find are any number of the following:


  • Relationships around you improving such as deeper friendships, perhaps attracting a new partner, or a better connection with your current partner

  • Inner sense of peace

  • A newfound love for yourself and life

  • Attracting positivity into your life, abundance and wealth

  • You will have more energy and an increased sense of life purpose


Can Animals have a Heart Wall?

Yes, it's entirely possible for animals to have a heart wall.  If they have suffered from traumatic events, abuse and neglect they may have formed trapped emotions around their heart to protect them and help them survive. 

This can be particularly acute in those that have been mistreated or abused in any way, which can lead to them having high stress and anxiety levels, as well as a distrust of humans. 


Animals can respond very rapidly to energy healing because they have fewer subconscious limiting beliefs, their conscious minds don't get in the way as much as they do in people, and they are naturally more instinctive with self-healing.

If you have a horse we explore this, as well as other energetic imbalances that could be affecting your relationship, in the  The Heart to Horse Connection Programme.                              to find out more

How we can work together

  • Book in a free 20 minute consult where we are able to discuss what is going on for you and if working together would be a good fit.  I can answer any of your questions about the Emotion Code and Body Code

  • If you decide to go ahead we will discuss a package that suits you

  • All sessions are completed remotely via email and you will receive a report and audio detailing what has been released for you


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