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Horses have always held a very special place in my heart.  They are such powerful creatures, yet also have the ability to be amazingly sensitive and soft.  My dream of having a horse in my life came true in early 2020, when I rescued the beautiful Sarafina.  It has been such a journey watching the changes in her as she has settled into her new home. 


I have done many Body Code sessions for Saffy and she has gone from the distrusting, ears pinned back at anyone and everyone, mare, to a kind, gentle, friendly mare who has a great maternal instinct for all the horses on the yard; she has great concern for everyone’s well-being, bless her.


Sarafina, enjoying the evening sun in her new home.

We often ask a lot of our horses; travel with me to this new place, walk past these scary roadworks, meet with these new horses, spend time on your own even though that’s unnatural to you, do as you are directed...   Also, if we have not been the primary guardian of our horse from its birth, we are not aware of what experiences they may have had before coming into our care.  All these things we ask of them can potentially take an emotional toll, and they may be extremely affected by their experiences in life.


As with people, negative emotional energy can become trapped in their bodies, thus creating imbalances which may lead to behavioural issues, pain or dis-ease. This can be particularly acute in those that have been mistreated or abused in any way, which can lead to them having high stress and anxiety levels, as well as a distrust of humans.

How can Emotion Code & Body Code help?

Connection with your horse

Do you long for the deep connection with your horse that you see in all the Facebook videos?  Connection and liberty training may definitely help create a better partnership for you, but there still may be one fundamental block – and that is yours and your horse’s Heart Wall

You can read a more detailed account of the Heart Wall
on this page, however, in short, your heart wall is an energetic wall which has built up around your heart when you have gone through difficult periods or traumatic events in your life.  This is both true for horses and people.  A Heart Wall can lead to having a disconnection from others and the world, preventing you from giving and receiving love, and can also manifest physically and contribute to upper back, shoulder and neck pain.

Website 6.jpg

Removing energetic imbalances from the heart wall can allow us to have a deeper connection and love for ourselves as well as others around us.  Read Lil and Musling’s story below as an example of this growing connection.

Trailer loading

This can be an issue for some horses who have had negative experiences with trailers in the past.  Therefore, each time they are asked to load, it’s a reminder for them of those times in the past, triggering the trapped emotions from before.  To make a comparison, this is a bit like a person who has been in a car accident and is now a nervous passenger whenever they are in a car, because they are reminded of that event. 


Removal of the trapped emotions related to loading and travelling in a trailer can potentially help to ease a horse whilst travelling.


Loss of confidence from a riding accident

Have you had a fall or traumatic riding accident?  Do you now feel anxious each time you get in the saddle?  You could potentially have trapped negative emotions related to the accident which are causing you to continually feel this anxiety.  These could be emotions such as Shock, Panic or Terror, which are regulars when it comes to accidents. If you are feeling nervous when riding, it's highly likely your horse will pick up on this energy too - releasing these trapped emotions can help bring both of you back to ease when riding. See Kathy's testimonial below after her nasty fall from her gelding.

In addition, trapped emotions do like to trap themselves in areas of weakness in your body; so let’s say you fell and landed on your left shoulder, it is possible that the trapped emotions felt during that event congregate here causing you ongoing issues in your shoulder.  I found that one of the root causes of the pain in my hip was from a fall from a horse when I was 13, which I discovered 22 years later!


20 min Discovery Video Call

This session is useful if:

  • You have further questions about Emotion & Body Code work that you would like to explore before booking

  • You would like to discuss your issue or your horse(s) issue further and whether these modalities could help

Are you READY
to let go
of energetic imbalances 
Equestran Testimonial



Lil and Musling - Denmark

“Trapped Emotions connected to trailer loading issues with my mare troubled us for a long time. 


After ONE (!!) session loading is no longer an issue anymore.  It is quite like magic, not every issue is solved that quickly – yet ours was!  Thank you Kate!..."

Zaira, Alfie and Lazar - Germany

“I have two horses, Lazar 21 years old and Alfi 11 years old.

Lazar had big problems with his left front leg, he wasn't able to walk properly because of a tendon-issues...


...After the third session of emotion-release he got even more motivated to work with me, our relationship changed..."

Yette & Dux.png

Jette and Dux, Denmark

"My horse and I have had a really good experience of energy healing with Kate. My horse was very nervous, both on rides and by the water. After 3 treatments there is progress, he is more confident by water and goes in without delay and has become more calm on rides.

I myself feel more relaxed & happy after receiving several treatments.  The whole experience with Kate has been really great - it is highly recommended.”

Kim and Romeo, UK

"Kate has helped me through many issues, including physical conditions and Emotional trauma. The work on my heart wall has enabled me to feel more deeply connected to my partner and children which is priceless.


Kate has also worked on my horse Romeo, he is extremely sensitive and nervous. Releasing trapped emotions from both of us has deepened our trust in each other. I would highly recommend the services of Be at One Healing to anyone who is looking to solve issues that conventional ways just don’t seem to hit the spot."


Kathy and Riot, USA 

"Kate helped me with severe anxiety after a traumatic accident I had with my horse. After just a few sessions I noticed a huge difference, like a heavy weight had been lifted off me and the constant worry I had was gone.


I can enjoy being around my horses again without all the worry and anxiety."

Kathy Testimonial
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