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What is mold?

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Mold is a type of fungal organism (of which there are several types) whose purpose it is to break down dead organic matter and return nutrients to the environment.  Mold is not something we should fear as it is part of nature, however we need to be vigilant of it and prevent it from invading our homes and indoor environments as it can be toxic to us.  

One of the best defenses against mold is to have a strong immune system. It is possible for mold to find it's way into our physical body and if our immune system cannot fight it off, it can take hold and grow almost anywhere in the body.  Mold can enter our body through breathing, skin contact, food, drug medications e.g. antibiotics, vaccines, tobacco, marijuana. 


It can be difficult to diagnose through regular testing, and is not a common 'go to' diagnosis in the medical profession, although I believe it is likely to be the cause of many ailments.

Some common physical symptoms of mold issues

  • Causes food cravings - it feeds on sugar so loves foods with sugar, simple carbohydrates and alcohol

  • Food cravings can lead to weight issues - you may find that no matter what you do diet or exercise wise you just cannot shift the excess weight

  • May cause allergies 

  • Skin rashes, sensitive skin, recurring fungal infections

  • Persistent sinusitis and sensitivity to bright light

  • Can contribute to hormonal problems if it infiltrates the endocrine system e.g. problems with menstrual cycles

  • Constant fatigue, difficulty keeping on top of things

  • Brain fog, headaches, cognitive impairment

  • Appetite changes and weight gain

  • Anxiety and depression 

  • Odd tics and spasms, seizures

  • Coughing, chest tightness, chest pain

  • Diarrhoea/constipation, over active bladder

  • Numbness and tingling over body, possible joint pain

  • Can cause electromagnetic sensitivity

  • Gall bladder issues

  • Ringing in the ears, ear infections, runny nose, post nasal drip

There are others - a great point of reference is Dr Jill Crista's book "Break the Mold" - she also has a self-diagnosis questionnaire you can find by clicking this link

Some common Energetic (mental & emotional) symptoms of mold issues

​In addition to the physical issues mentioned above there can be mental and emotional symptoms that can indicate mold issues:

  • Low self-worth, low self esteem, often abusing self with critical thinking, can also manifest into eating disorders

  • Unhealthy boundaries and relationships, potentially finding yourself in emotionally or physically abusive relationships

  • Codependent relationships, lose yourself in relationships, very needy

  • Feeling 'stuck' in life - no matter what you do it feels like you are unable to move forward or feel a sense of achievement with anything, perhaps you have many ideas but fail to 'follow through' on them

  • Inability to get simple tasks done on time, everything feels like an effort, and you beat yourself up constantly that you are just not able to be 'normal'

  • Constant feeling of overwhelm 

  • Quick to anger (known as 'mold rage')

  • Feeling like you are going crazy or insane; have a obsession with supernatural or entities causing you ill will

  • Those who are aware of energy or energy healers who find themselves constantly energetically cording others, friends, family members or clients

  • Energy workers please also take note that many "Ascension Symptoms" can often be associated with mold issues

My story

I will go for the short version or it may become a novel...  I had been suffering for many, many years and the mainstream medical profession seemed at a loss and unable, and unwilling, to help me.  Most assistance I was given along the way in the form of drugs, steroids, antibiotics etc.. I now know, made my condition worse.  I turned to holistic methods and trained in many healing modalities, helping myself with my learnings but still felt there was something I was missing.

At the age of 39 I discovered that at two years old I had been given a vaccine which contained mold.  From that point forward my immune system had been compromised and I began collecting a list of many of the symptoms you see above, as well as creating many emotionally abusive relationships and never really being able to move forward in my life with ease and joy. I was so tired of living, and I was not really living, just existing or merely surviving.

After I became aware of the issue, and getting over my initial shock, I was able to rid mold from my body by adjusting my diet, clearing energetic aspects with the energy healing techniques I had learnt and taking supplements that I researched. 

It was only then the true healing of my body could really begin.  And that's when I really started living! i really cannot emphasise how alive i feel and how healthy with such a zest for life, it's my passion to help others achieve the same feeling because i know we all have the ability.

Suggestions for you

If the information above resonates with you and you believe you may have this issue here are some suggestions:
  • Change your diet - in particular removing sugar, alcohol and simple carbs. Depending on how much of these you consume you may want to do it gradually so as to reduce any withdrawal/detox symptoms you may experience.  The book mentioned above "Break the Mold" has informaton about what you can eat on a mold diet.  Also remember this diet does not have to be forever, it's just until you have rid yourself of mold, however you may find you don't gravitate back to these foods because you are no longer feeding the mold and also feel better without them
  • ​Using a natural anti-fungal - I had great success with a product called AlliTech from Dulwich Health UK; you may find by just taking this your cravings reduce quite quickly
  • Removing energetic aspects with Energy Healing Sessions  - alongside the above these can help you clear energetic imbalances that are associated with mold and can go on to help heal areas which mold may have damaged. Whilst this journey is not about speed, these sessions can help you clear mold and heal faster so you can get back to living and enjoying your life
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Want to clear non-beneficial energies to help you


Interested in energy healing sessions?

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