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Creation of the Heart to Horse Connection Programme

Over the past five years on my self-development journey, I have discovered I am passionate about helping horses and their owners create a more trusting and aligned relationship that allows them to connect on a more conscious and deeper level.

Starting from a young age, I had a natural passion for horses, but for some reason I never felt that I was any good at riding them. I felt I couldn’t really connect with them. I was taught that being dominant was necessary in order to make them do what I wanted.

Deep down, this just did not feel like the right approach, so I gave up my passion. It was not in my nature to dominate another being. Moving down a different path, I faced several challenges in my personal life – suffering from physical pain for years that led to depression – which forced me to focus on myself and face things that were present beyond the surface level.

What I came to discover is that the more I was able to release from difficult times I had experienced in my life, such as trapped negative emotions and false beliefs that I was holding on to, the better I started to feel.

The shifts I experienced brought me back to my passion for horses, but this time it was different. I felt a deeper connection with horses than I’d ever experienced before.

Through clearing myself, my self awareness grew, and this intuitive feeling brought me to meet my rescue horse Sarafina. The “defensive, dangerous, unpredictable, moody” horse gently chose me by placing her nose on my heart, tenderly massaging it the first time we met. We had an instant connection.

And so began the next steps of both our healing journeys; together. She was my teacher; I was her hope. We had days of frustration, anger, sadness, and fear, but knowing how to help us overcome these challenges has led us to the place we are today. Being confident to face any challenges we may meet, consciously and intuitively.

My ever-increasing connection with her made me realise that the inner work I had been doing on myself, opened up this deeper understanding and relationship that we are both experiencing every day.

With this understanding and the ability to use the right tools and techniques to look beyond physical issues and traditional horse training, it is my calling to help more horses and their owners experience the same – connecting on a deeper, more conscious level.

In this experience, I take horse owners on a journey to learn about and overcome the imbalances that affect the relationship and connection with their horse.

This forms part of my *Heart to Horse Connection Programme* that I have been developing over the past 2 years. Join us on my Facebook page .

If you’ve read this far, I appreciate you for your time, and thank you to those who have been part of my journey thus far.

And if any of this resonates with you or anyone you know please share or feel free to send me a private message ( if you’d like to learn more.

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