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🌟 Staying Centred 🌟

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs….” - Rudyard Kipling, If

Sometimes it can be difficult to remain centred and balanced in times of stress or difficulty. If people or the environment are going crazy around us, we could possibly find ourselves begin to resonate with that energy if we are not fully centred within ourselves. This could potentially lead us unconsciously into a frenzied state, matching their vibration!

Perhaps you can think of examples where this may have happened to you before?

An instance where this may be familiar, is if our horse spooks or begins to get anxious about something, this could lead to something even more hair-raising if we are not careful💥

Remaining centred and balanced in our emotional state can enable our horse to entrain to our rhythm, and move through the challenge or obstacle.

Entrainment - the process of making something have the same pattern or rhythm as something else.”

In the Heart to Horse Connection Programme 💕🐎, one of the many aspects we work on energetically is what I call the ‘Emotion Generator’ - this is made up from parts of the brain which are involved in producing emotions.

In many people and horses I work on this is usually working in overdrive - sometimes excessively. Working to reduce it to a balanced state can bring about feelings of ease and calm, and enables us to be less overly reactive emotionally to situations, and therefore helps us remain in a more steady and calm state 🧘🏻‍♀️

In fact, so far, I have only had one occasion where I observed it to be in ‘under drive’ - and that was in my mare Eloa (in the video). It was quite obvious too, she was quite void of showing emotion - perhaps this was her way of coping (she was left to die locked in a barn at age 3), perhaps her emotions weren’t listened to, so she just stopped showing them - interesting to think about 🧐 - however she also had an extraordinary ‘stress reset’ button, bringing her back to calm if there was any sort of issue going on. She is now a lot more expressive, and I think she is still quite surprised sometimes when I listen to what she has to say!

So, what can you do right now to centre yourself?

💜 Breathe in for a count of 5, and out for a count of ten

💜 Try alternate nostril breathing (check YouTube for examples)

💜 Close your eyes, take several deeps breathes and imagine roots growing down into the ground

💜 Centring affirmations to say to yourself:

  • “I breathe in calm and breathe out peace”

  • “I can be calm in any circumstance”

  • “I’m grounded in kindness and compassion”

If you have any other techniques you’d like to share post below! 👇

Have a peaceful day ✨

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