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with horses

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Has your horse had a recent injury or illness?  Have they perhaps got an ongoing health issue that you cannot seem to get under control or heal?  Find out how energy healing can help...

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Are you experiencing behavioural issues with your horse? Anxiety, nervousness, resistance to connecting with people?  Find out how energy clearing and healing can help your horse...

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Could non-beneficial energies where you horse is living be contributing to health conditions and potential behaviour issues?

If we are trying to heal, or we are trying to help our horses heal, it can be an uphill struggle if non-beneficial energies in the environment are not supporting us, and potentially may be holding us back....

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Have you had an accident or fall with your horse, or a horse you ride?  Maybe there isn't a. particular instance you can recall but you find yourself often crippled with nerves or anxiety. Find out how an Energy Clearing Session can help you regain your confidence...

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This is a programme for owners and their horses who are wanting to clearer connection in their relationship, improving their communication and trust in one another..

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Check out some posts I have written as I learn from my horses and all things energetic... Eloa (pictured) seems to think they are interesting..hehe 

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