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How can energy healing help with my horses’ health issues?

Our horses health is undeniably of utmost importance to us.  There is nothing better than seeing a happy, healthy shiny horse frolic around their field radiating joy.  

Unfortunately there are times when and injury or illness may occur and our horses are in need of extra support.  Perhaps you've even been battling with an ongoing issues and do not seem to be getting the results you have hoped for.


Like us, horses may trap negative energy in their bodies, thus creating imbalances which may lead to behavioural issues, pain or dis-ease. Energy healing can help clear these imbalances and we can also look at the root cause, which may be surprising to some, as it could be non-beneficial energies your horse is picking up from other horses, yourself or other people, or energies from the environment they are living in.  These may then contribute to your horses well-being and health at any given time.

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Here are some examples where energy healing may help:

Recovering from Injury or illness

Depending on what has occurred, there is possibly trauma energy and trapped emotions built up from the incident that caused an injury.  In the case of an illness there may be an accumulation of energies that have led to imbalances in the body to contribute to the symptoms that are present.  Energy healing can clear any non-beneficial energies, bring the body back into balance and promote healing within the body.


Box rest

A horse who may be on box rest because of recovering from an injury or illness can potentially be affected mentally and emotionally due to confinement/lack of stimulation.  Energy healing can help release anything that may affect them during this time, as well as help promote healing.  It is also possible to check and clear any non-beneficial energies in their stable environment which could hinder healing.

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Perhaps your horse has suffered colic or recurring colic – energy clearing can help the symptoms and potentially identify the cause which can be surprising in some cases.  For example a horse I recently worked on had developed colic due to an energetic cord that had been created from his gut to his vet – very interesting!  I have had this happen to me so I know the pain and discomfort that can come about when it happens.  These can be easily cleared, and the energy field strengthened so it does not re-occur.  There obviously could be many other reasons as to the cause of colic.



Sadly quite prolific in the horse world – energy healing can help clear detox pathways, reduce inflammation and potentially find the root cause of the issue.  For example, a horse I know suffered recurring laminitis, some of the issues actually came from non-beneficial energies he was trying to process from his owners and well as two geopathic stress lines running right through his stable.  Therefore, in this horse’s case, box rest in this particular stall was not the best for him, and potentially making his condition worse.

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