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Regaining confidence after a riding accident

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Have you had a fall or traumatic riding accident?  Do you now feel anxious each time you get in the saddle?  You could potentially have trapped negative imbalances related to the accident which are causing you to continually feel this anxiety. 


These could be emotions such as Shock, Panic or Terror, which are regulars when it comes to accidents. If you are feeling nervous when riding, it's highly likely your horse will pick up on this energy too - releasing these trapped energies can help bring both of you back to ease when riding.

Similarly, if the accident involved you own horse, they may also have their own trapped negative imbalances contributing to anxious or out of character behaviour.


In addition, trapped imbalances like to trap themselves in areas of weakness in your body; so let’s say you fell and landed on your left shoulder, it is possible that the trapped emotions felt during that event congregate here causing you ongoing issues in your shoulder.  I found that one of the root causes of the pain in my hip was from a fall from a horse when I was 13, which I discovered 22 years later!

If you have had serious injuries, clearing these negative imbalances can promote healing and potentially help you heal faster.

Haven't had an accident but still have confidence issues?

Any issues going on in our life can potentially have influences on other areas because everything is connected.


Maybe you have not had an accident but are struggling with nerves and confidence in your riding; clearing energetic imbalances related to your riding confidence can help get you back to feeling centred again.

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Kathy and Riot, USA 

"Kate helped me with severe anxiety after a traumatic accident I had with my horse. After just a few sessions I noticed a huge difference, like a heavy weight had been lifted off me and the constant worry I had was gone.


I can enjoy being around my horses again without all the worry and anxiety."

Michele, UK

"I had some deep seated issues that had been affecting my life for well over 20 years related to riding. I worked with Kate and after a few sessions started to feel something in me shift emotionally. I feel very different to before Kate worked with me and so I can only explain this change as a direct benefit of her work.


I cannot thank Kate enough as the change has benefited me and my horses and is everything I needed but didn’t know I needed. I highly recommend Kate especially for issues that keep you trapped in repetitive cycles that just don’t seem to change or make sense no matter what you do. Kate has transformed my life in ways I could never imagine. Thank you."

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