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How can energy healing help with my horses’  behaviour issues?

We often ask a lot of our horses; travel with me to this new place, walk past these scary roadworks, meet with these new horses, spend time on your own even though that’s unnatural to you, do as you are directed...   Also, if we have not been the primary guardian of our horse from its' birth, we are not aware of what experiences they may have had before coming into our care.  All these things we ask of them can potentially take an emotional toll, and they may be extremely affected by their experiences in life.


As with people, negative emotional energy can become trapped in their bodies, thus creating imbalances which may lead to behavioural issues, pain or dis-ease. This can be particularly acute in those that have been mistreated or abused in any way, which can lead to them having high stress and anxiety levels, as well as a distrust of humans.

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Here are some examples where energy healing may help:

Anxiety/Nervousness issues

Due to past experiences horses may have accumulated trauma and trapped energies that could contribute to them being in an anxious state, or certain situations or items may trigger them to be reminded of a traumatic event from their past.  Clearing around any trauma and helping reset their nervous systems and emotional responses, can help a horse become much more balanced and calmer, and overly reactive to their environment.

Trailer loading

Memories of a traumatic incident with trailer loading can contribute to horses being triggered when it comes to loading.  A mare I worked with had bad memories of leaving her mother the first time she travelled in a trailer, so she associated the trailer with loss and leaving everything she loved.  After one session she was happily loading.  Also, trailers may hold on to energies from horses that could affect other horses that travel in it, clearing this energy can make the trailer more comfortable for horses to ride in.


Depression or “Shut Down”

This can be common in horses that have suffered abuse; they have lost their ‘zest for life’.  Helping unpack the trauma by energetically releasing any non-beneficial energies that they are holding onto can help them see the joy in life again and bring their curiosity in their environment and people back again. One of my mare’s was a good example of this, she had a permanent forlorn look on her face.  She had been left to die in a barn with many other horses around the age of 3; I became her guardian at around age 15 and she had a lot of other energies packed on top of this trauma.  She did not know how to express herself and her emotions, thought she had to do as she was told all the time and also just wanted to eat all the time.  Now we have cleared a lot of those energies and experiences she is brighter, more curious in her environment and wants to explore and interact, it’s lovely to see.



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Mistrust/block in connection

Horses that have been passed from person to person, or perhaps mistreated by people in their past, may have an obvious dislike of people and an unwillingness to trust and connect.  They cannot be blamed for this, much as people cannot be blamed if they have also been abused by other people and find it difficult to trust.  Energy healing sessions can remove the energetic charge around any traumas and help to clear any resistance to wanting to connect with people.  It is likely Heart Wall trapped emotions will be present which can be released, these will be blocking the horse’s connection with the world and others, including other horses.

It is also worth noting here that as people, we can also have unconscious resistance to connecting with horses. Perhaps we had to sell our childhood pony and it left us heartbroken, perhaps we lost our heart horse to an illness or injury.  Trapped energies around any grief or other emotions we may have experienced can potentially unconsciously block a connection to a new horse that may come into our life.  One client had resistance to being with her horse because she almost had a potential miscarriage at her stables.  Her unconscious mind had therefore associated horses with bad things that may happen, so created a resistance to connecting with horses.


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Affected by spirits

“My horse is possessed” – whilst this statement may sometimes be said in jest, it can be very true.  Negative energies in the form of entities or spirits can attach themselves to our horses and make them act out in uncharacteristic ways. These can be easily cleared if they are affecting horses.

We also need to consider external factors that could be contributing to a horses behaviours, such as geopathic stress in their stall, causing them to box walk or windsuck because they are unable to get away from the noxious energies.  Also energetic influences from other horses, owners and other people they may be in contact with can affect them and need to be considered.

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Lil and Musling - Denmark

“Trapped negative energies connected to trailer loading issues with my mare troubled us for a long time. 


After ONE (!!) session loading is no longer an issue anymore.  It is quite like magic, not every issue is solved that quickly – yet ours was!  Thank you Kate!..."

Jette and Dux, Denmark

"My horse and I have had a really good experience of energy healing with Kate. My horse was very nervous, both on rides and by the water. After 3 treatments there is progress, he is more confident by water and goes in without delay and has become more calm on rides.

I myself feel more relaxed & happy after receiving several treatments.  The whole experience with Kate has been really great - it is highly recommended.”

Yette & Dux.png
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