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Heart to Horse Connection Programme

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with horses

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What is the programme about?

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This is a programme for owners and their horses who are wanting to create a clearer connection in their relationship.  

During the six weeks of this programme you and your horse will experience six unique distant energy clearing sessions each.  We will gradually peel off 'emotional baggage', stuck negative energies from past emotional and physical traumas, issues that we may be carrying that can feel physically heavy! 

What are you both bringing into your relationship?

These burdens can shape who we are today, such as identifying as a nervous person, or anxious or unconfident.  And who we are can, and will, be reflected back to us by our horse, potentially causing difficulties for us in the relationship, or just making things more difficult than they need to be.

On this journey you will also learn more about energy and how your energy can affect your horse.  This will help you develop an awareness and understanding that self-care is also horse-care. 

Your horse will also benefit from their own six unique sessions, clearing their energetic field so that you are able to communicate more clearly. Energies that are released may also be contributing to health or behaviour issues. 


Working on both your's and your horse's energy fields will enable you both to have clearer communication and feel more connected in your relationship.

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Let both your true natures shine through!

Over the last five years of my own personal development journey, study of energy and healing techniques, experience with horses, including my own two rescue horses, and working with many clients and their horses, I have developed the Heart to Horse Connection Programme to help you and your horse develop a more trusting and aligned relationship.


About me

Eloa, Sarafina and I at home in Cornwall, UK

This programme is for you if:

Your relationship with your horse is important to you and you would like to create a clearer connection.

You want to create a better partnership with your horse, whereby you can be more trusting of each other and pursue your equestrian goals. 

You are happy to invest in yourself as well as your horse, knowing that a mutually respectful relationship involves two parties.

You are open to learning about new concepts and techniques that may not be familiar to you.

You are willing to let go of the past, and move forward into a new, wonderful you!

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Let's chat about you

and your horse! 

Contact below if you have further questions about the programme



(payment options available)


Alisha and Roxy, UK

“My relationship with Roxy is in a very different place...

..Our sessions with Kate seem to really have put my sweet girl at ease, and accelerated our pace of getting to know each other and build a strong relationship....


I can't thank Kate enough for how her 'energetic assistance' has helped us get to this place, where I leave every visit to the yard full of joy and feeling like my dreams of horse ownership have finally come true...."


Lil and Musling - Denmark

“Trapped negative energies connected to trailer loading issues with my mare troubled us for a long time. 


After ONE (!!) session loading is no longer an issue anymore.  It is quite like magic, not every issue is solved that quickly – yet ours was!  Thank you Kate!..."

Kathy and Riot, USA 

"Kate helped me with severe anxiety after a traumatic accident I had with my horse. After just a few sessions I noticed a huge difference, like a heavy weight had been lifted off me and the constant worry I had was gone.


I can enjoy being around my horses again without all the worry and anxiety."

Tanya & Always.jpg

Tanya and Always, South Africa 

"Wow! Thank you so much for helping me reconnect fully with Always! There has been an incredible shift in our relationship, we are so much more in tune with each other!


It has been incredible to discover and release the blocks in the way for both of us  and it has been so empowering to understand fully how my energy affects him."

Zaira, Alfie and Lazar - Germany

“I have two horses, Lazar 21 years old and Alfi 11 years old.

Lazar had big problems with his left front leg, he wasn't able to walk properly because of a tendon-issues...


...After the third session of emotion-release he got even more motivated to work with me, our relationship changed..."

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Jette and Dux, Denmark

"My horse and I have had a really good experience of energy healing with Kate. My horse was very nervous, both on rides and by the water. After 3 treatments there is progress, he is more confident by water and goes in without delay and has become more calm on rides.

I myself feel more relaxed & happy after receiving several treatments.  The whole experience with Kate has been really great - it is highly recommended.”

What outcomes can I expect?

As we are all unique beings with different histories and experiences, outcomes and changes will vary.  The programme has an outline of topics we will work with, but these are flexible depending on what comes up for you and your horse.

An example of some things you may experience:


  • Feeling more confident

  • Able to make clearer decisions

  • Feeling more aware and present

  • Feeling more calm and at peace

  • Feeling physically lighter

  • Able to communicate more clearly

  • Any physical ailments or health conditions you may currently have, may lessen or even resolve

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Your horse:

  • More relaxed and at ease

  • More engaged with you

  • Increased curiosity in the world

  • More willing to learn

  • Any behavioural or health problems may lessen or resolve

Book in your free Discovery Call below to find out more and ask any questions


Let's chat about you

and your horse! 


30 min Discovery Video Call

This purpose of this session is to discuss what is currently going on for you and your horse and if you are a good fit for the Heart to Horse Connection Programme.



(payment options available)

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